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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Ms. Mr.HFemale/Unknown Group :iconxnivanfieldx: xNIVANFIELDx
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Ms. Mr.H
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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 The price of my commission depends on what you want me to make, and the time calculated for it. 
☆ Portrait - $20 for single character, add $15 for couple 
☆ Pinup(full body) with simple background - $30 for single character, add $20 for couple
☆ Scene with story and relevant background - $40 for 1 Character / $50-$60 for Pairing / Groups pic needs to discuss
☆ NSFW scene(serious hardcore se

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XNA Lara stamp by angelic-noir Blender  stamp by inestical 3DS Max 2010 by Sierra-plz Photoshop Stamp by Comet4

“All worthy work is open to interpretations the author did not intend. Art isn't your pet, it's your kid. It grows up and talks back to you.”- Joss Whedon

:megaphone: WARNING: This page might contain a lot of MALE x MALE relationship. :megaphone:
Homophobia is not welcome here, please respect everyone's right, you can be a hater but don't spam me with your ridiculous theories. Thanks~ :)

Hey~ I'm xTh13teeNx, you can call me 13. :3
I am a Slash Girl!!! Please don't judge.
I'm not a professional artist, still on the way of learning 3D render, but I'll try my best to make every single piece.

#My fan works do not go beyond "fair use".#

I'm a hardcore fan of Resident Evil series, any comments or notes are very welcome. :3

Things that I'm smitten with in this moment:
NIVANFIELD - ♥♥♥ Chris x Piers / Piers x Chris ♥♥♥ I DON'T mind who tops whom.

Here is an Unofficial NIVANFIELD Fanwork Site I made with my friend: You can find many fics there. Sorry Chinese ONLY

:flame: I hate Out of Character & nonsense random pairings!! Fxxk those people who make up something that is not consistent with characters' personality!!! And I don't like my favorite charaters to be viewed as sex toys. :flame: =.=

"Men must be free to do what they believe. It is not our right to punish one for thinking what they do, no matter how much we disagree.
We place faith in ourselves. We see the world the way it really is. And hope that all mankind would see the same. " - Altair Ibn·LaAhad

NIVANFIELD Stamp by xs13sx Stamp_Chris Redfield by xs13sx Stamp_Piers Nivans by xs13sx The best couple ever!
Revelations 2 Stamp by Aletheiia90 Claire Redfield-Rev2 Stamp by Aletheiia90 Claire Redfield RE ORC stamp by VickyxRedfield Sister in law FTW! :heart:
Resident Evil 6 Stamp by Cuddlepug Ada Wong stamp by VickyxRedfield
Resident Evil 5 Stamp by sonicxrules219 jill spreads the disease by HavokPanda chris spreads the disease by HavokPanda
Hey, I like both characters doesn't mean I ship them as pairing ok?
Resident Evil 4 Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Stamp_S.T.A.R.S Member by Anko-sensei

:thumb206314159: Ezio Auditore_stamp by MissCaelum Leonardo Stamp by BlastedKing
Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Stamp by DemoniumAngel Edward by Coley-sXe Edward Kenway by redemptari

Bayonetta stamp by Ana-Archer BAYoNETTa 2 by YI0 Bayonetta . Jeanne by YI0
Bullet; Green Last update: 18/09/2015

I got these 30 very sweet memes, so I decide to work on them with NIVANFIELD.
I'm not sure whether I can finish them all someday, perhaps not. But I'll try my best. :P

The following titles may be subject to modification.


01 - Sleeping in each other's arms
Meme 01 - Sleeping in each other's arms by xTh13teeNx

02 - Shopping

03 - Playing games at night
Meme 03 - Playing games at night by xTh13teeNx

04 - During their morning ritual
Meme 04 - During their morning ritual by xTh13teeNx

05 - Cooking or baking together
Meme 05 - Cooking or baking together by xTh13teeNx

06 - Hanging out with friends

07 - Browsing old photos
Meme 07 - Browsing old photos by xTh13teeNx

08 - Morning kiss
Meme 08 - Morning kiss by xTh13teeNx

09 - Long distance phone call
Meme 09 - Long distance phone call by xTh13teeNx

10 - Arguing
Meme 10 - Arguing by xTh13teeNx

11 - Making up afterwards
Meme 11 - Making up afterwards by xTh13teeNx

12 - Talking about having pets
Meme 12 - Talking about having pets by xTh13teeNx

13 - One party being sick in bed
Meme 13 - One party being sick in bed by xTh13teeNx

14 - Afternoon nap
Meme 14 - Afternoon nap by xTh13teeNx

15 - Taking bath together

Meme 15 - Taking bath together by xTh13teeNx

16 - Out of shower

Meme 16 - Out of shower by xTh13teeNx

17 - Decorating the house
Meme 17 - Decorating the House by xTh13teeNx

18 - Eating ice cream
Meme 18 - Eating ice-cream by xTh13teeNx

19 - Celebrating anniversaries

20 - On a date
Meme 20 - On a date by xTh13teeNx

21 - Star gazing
Meme 21 - Star gazing by xTh13teeNx

22 - In battle, side by side
Meme 22 - In battle, side-by-side by xTh13teeNx

23 - One party getting slightly injured
Meme 23 - One party getting slightly injured by xTh13teeNx

24 - Being stuck at home because of bad weather

25 - Getting drunk

26 - On one of their birthdays

27 - Outdoor activities

28 - A surprise proposal
Meme 28 - A surprise proposal by xTh13teeNx

29 - Getting married

30 - Sex



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